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The Business Advisory Center, acting through the Ghana Enterprises Agency launched the first and second stage of the Ghana Jobs and Skills Project (YouStart Programme). This seeks to bring together youths from varied backgrounds who want to start their business or have just ventured into entrepreneurship, to bring them up to speed with relevant skills and technical know-how to thrive in their journey of entrepreneurship.

The Basic Stage of the training took place at the Hammond Hall in Saltpond where participants were taken through Entrepreneurship, Financial management and Kaizen trainings to help them in preparing to set up their businesses. Ninety-two (92) Entrepreneurs turned out and were taken through a-week training for three bathes with a maximum class size of about thirty-two (32) participants each. Out of the Ninety-two participants from all the three batches, thirty (30) qualified to the next stage of the training – the Intermediate stage.

The Intermediate Stage also comprised a two-week intensive program for the thirty (30) participants who graduated from the basic stage. It also took place at the Hammond Hall is Saltpond spanning from July 03 – July 14, 2023.

The next stage of the training programme – the Intermediate Stage, took place between July 03 – July 14, 2023 at the Hammond Hall in Saltpond. It was a two-week intensive training session that saw the thirty (30) participants who qualified from the basic stage, receive further training on drafting business proposals, drawing up budgets, etc.

Madam Emelia Eyeson, the head of the of the Business Advisory Center together with the training consultant impressed on the participants the need to be entrepreneurial focused in order to very adept in the execution of their business plans.

At the end of the training, Seventeen (17) participants qualified to the final stage of the training – The Advanced Stage.

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