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The Business Advisory Center, acting through the Ghana Enterprises Agency, launched the first and second stages of the Ghana Jobs and Skills Project (You Start Programme). This initiative aims to bring together youths from varied backgrounds who aspire to start their businesses or have recently ventured into entrepreneurship, providing them with relevant skills and technical know-how to thrive on their entrepreneurial journey.

The program commenced with (92) participants, grouped into (3) for the Basic stage, which lasted for a week for each group. After completing the basic training, thirty (30) out of the (92) qualified for the intermediate stage. The Intermediate Stage comprised a two-week intensive program for the thirty (30) participants who graduated from the basic stage. It took place at the Hammond Hall in Saltpond, spanning from July 03 to July 14, 2023. During this period, seventeen (17) of the Intermediate Trainees graduated to the advanced stage.

The management of the National Business Advisory Committee merged the participants from Mfantseman Municipal and Ekumfi District. Another seventeen (17) people who graduated from the Ekumfi intermediate stage, resulting in a total of (34) participants. The event was held at the assembly hall of the Ekumfi District Assembly from 24th July to 11th August 2023. PSD CONSULTANCY, a consulting firm, guided them throughout the three (3) weeks of advanced training. The training covered Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, Kaizen, mentoring, coaching support, management and sustainability, efficient utilization of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis in business, preparation of business plans, meeting business registration and licensing requirements, writing business proposals to apply for grant support, pitching business ideas to attract investors, entering target markets with unique propositions, and everything essential for becoming a successful entrepreneur. Mentoring and guidance sessions were also integrated into the training to help participants in their entrepreneurial journey. After completing the advanced training, the participants were advised to apply the knowledge acquired from the basic to the advanced stage to become successful entrepreneurs and contribute to reducing the unemployment rate in the country.

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