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The construction of the sixty (60) lockable stores and market at Anomabo, and the Bitumen surfacing of the town roads in Yamoransa, under the Ghana Secondary Cities Support Programme has kicked off. Contractors and Consultants are already on site and work is progressing steadily.

However, there a couple of safeguard issues that had to be resolved for the smooth execution of the projects.

With Anomabo, 140 Project Affected Persons were identified. Some of these affected persons operate business in containers and kiosks. The compensation amount agreed upon earlier had to be adjusted upwards based on several consultation and recommendations from the Ministry of Local Government, Decentralisation and Rural Development.

Some major properties which were however affected, like properties belonging to one Mr. Stephen Moore, one Alhaji, and the Royal Nsona family need further valuation by the Land valuation Division.

Most stakeholders affected expressed their concerns with regard to agreements to be signed to avoid any future misunderstandings that may arise.

Hon. Fiifi Asare, advised the Management of the Mfantseman Municipal Assembly to expedite actions on everything that needs to be done so the project can progress steadily without any hinderances.

For Yamoransa, a total of 38 persons were affected. However due to the very high amount of compensation involved, the roads had to be shrunk at some parts which reduced the number to 24 with a considerably smaller amount of compensation to be paid.

A total amount of GHS 27, 450.00 has been paid to all 24 affected persons and all agreements duly signed. Photos of all Project Affected Persons have been embossed on the signed agreements.

Two newly affected persons were however identified. Hence the consultant advised for an amicable resolution with the Municipal Assembly for work to continue steadily. We all look forward to the successful execution of the projects.

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