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On March 14, 2022, The Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Ike Lord Ennu visited the Chiefs of Nkusukum to deliberate on developmental issues of the Traditional Area at Nana Baah’s palace.

Some of the Issues that needed attention were the Congestion at the by-pass taxi rank, Intended rehabilitation of saltpond market and the Construction of ultramodern police complex at saltpond.

Congestion at the by-pass taxi rank

Nana Kwesi Brebo, the Ag. President of Nkusukum Traditional Area informed all about the congestion at the taxi rank at Saltpond by-pass. He further requested if the taxi rank could be relocated or expanded for easy access by drivers and passengers.

The Municipal Chief Executive responded favorably and asked that preparation of all the necessary documents needed for the project should be done for consideration.

Intended rehabilitation of saltpond market

Nana Baah inquired from the Municipal Chief Executive about information reaching him concerning a face-lift of the Saltpond market into an ultramodern market complex.

The Municipal Chief Executive appreciated the concern and iterated the benefit that, Saltpond being the district capital and the capital of Nkusumkum ought to gain from the Ghana Secondary City projects just like other neighboring communities are having. However, due to litigation issues of the land, the market had to be relocated to the Asabee market.

The Municipal Chief Executive however assured that Chiefs that, if all the litigation issues are resolved, Saltpond will be reconsidered for a similar economic project

Construction of ultramodern police complex at saltpond

The Chiefs appealed to the Municipal Chief Executive to consider the construction of a new police station for Saltpond since the old one is in a very deplorable state and does not befit a historical town like Saltpond. The chiefs suggested the world vision site near Hariom junction could be used for the said project. However, the Municipal Chief Executive informed them that the place has been reserved for the construction of a new office complex for the Municipal Assembly and suggested the acquisition of the old police premises.

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