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On July 29, 2022, the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. IKe Lord Ennu joined the Methodist Church to commemorate the 4th Biennial Diocesan Delegates Conference of Susanna Wesley Mission of the Methodist Church. Nana Kofi Otu Esson, the Lay Chairman of the Cape Coast Methodist Diocese, welcomed everyone, particularly the guests, to such an important program of the women’s wing of the Church and deliberated on the critical role of the Susanna Wesley Mission Auxiliary (SUWMA) and, for that matter, women in raising God-fearing children, who would hold high the virtues of Christ and become responsible adults for the general good of society, especially in this age of moral decadence.

Herbert Krapa stated that the Methodist Church is one of the huge development partners of our nation when it comes to nation-building. To this end, he commended the Church for its immense contribution to every facet of our national development, particularly concerning education, skill development and health. He also applauded the effort of the women’s wing of the Church for their vocational training and programs given to women, in particular, to equip them to be economically independent.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Ike Lord Ennu represented the Central Regional Minister, Hon Justina Marigold Assan, who was supposed to be the Special Guest of Honour for the program. The Minister could not honour this invitation due to the ongoing Central Expo 2022 in Cape Coast. In a speech delivered by the Municipal Chief Executive on behalf of the Minister, He commended the SUWMA and the Methodist Church in general for their unflinching support to the government regarding prayer and developmental projects.

He stressed that SUWMA should continue to impart to society, particularly young women, through their skill-developing programs to be economically self-reliant because of their vulnerability. He encouraged the women to form groups so that should there be a government program or financial support like soft loans or grants to expand their businesses, they could easily access these facilities. He urged them to continuously support the government in its quest to transform the nation through industrialisation.

The Opinion Leaders concluded by urging the Church to take center stage in reforming society by demonstrating and instilling the spirit of selflessness, patriotism and the need to live peacefully with one’s neighbour.

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