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Marriage Registration

  • Ordinance Marriage; regulated by Marriage Ordinance (CAP 127)
  • Customary Marriage; regulated by Customary Marriage and Divorce (Registration) Law 1985 (PNDCL 112)
  • Mohammedan Marriage; regulated by Marriage of Mohammedans (CAP 129)

Ordinance Marriage registration process

  1. Parties to the marriage must file a notice of marriage at the Marriage Registry 21 days prior to the Signing of the Marriage Certificate. The following information is required:
    • Names of Parties to the marriage
    • Occupation of Parties to the marriage
    • Places of Residence of Parties to the marriage
    • Condition of Parties to the marriage (Single/ Divorced/ Widowed)
    • Fathers’ names and occupations of Parties to the marriage.
  1. After filing the notice of marriage, the Marriage Registry shall publish names of the Parties on the Assembly’s’ notice board to inform the general public of the intended marriage and allow person/persons who knows of any cause why the marriage should not be registered to raise a caveat against the issuance of the marriage certificate.
  1. The Marriage Registry proceeds to register the marriage on a scheduled date and time if no caveat is raised against the intended marriage. (Kindly note that if the Marriage Certificate is not signed after 3 months of filing the notice of marriage, the Parties will be required to refile the notice as it would have expired)
  1. The 2 Parties together with 2 Witnesses each are required to be present to sign the Marriage Certificate on the scheduled date and time after which the Marriage Certificate is presented to the Parties.

Filing of Customary Marriage Registration/Dissolution


  1. Filing for the Registration/Dissolution of Customary Marriage shall be accompanied by a Statutory Declaration indicating the following:
    • Names of the Parties to the marriage
    • Places of residence of the Parties at the time of the marriage/dissolution of the marriage
    • Date and place of the marriage/dissolution of the marriage
    • The Statutory Declaration should be supported/signed by the parents of the couple OR family representatives standing in loco parentis to the couple
    • Photocopies of valid ID cards of the Parties as well as Parents/Family Representatives attesting to the Statutory Declaration
  1. After receipt of a notice/application for the registration/dissolution of Customary Marriage, the Marriage Registry shall publish the notice on the Assembly’s notice board for 28 days. This is to allow any person/persons who knows of any cause or valid reason why the Registrar should not register the marriage to file an objection.
  1. The marriage/dissolution shall duly be registered in the Customary Marriage Register of the Assembly after 1. and 2. have been satisfied.

Requirements for the registration of Ordinance Marriage

  1. Photocopies and originals of valid ID cards of parties (Ghana Card)
  2. A Consent Letter is required if one party is not present at the time of the filing/registration of the marriage as proof of consent to the intended marriage.
  3. Copies of Divorce Certificates of a Party/Parties who have been married before in the past should be submitted during the filing/registration of the marriage.
  4. Foreigners who intend to register their marriage with the Assembly should have resided in the Country for at least 14 days prior to the filing/ registration of the marriage. They are also required to submit a Resident Permit to the Marriage Registry.

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