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Client Service Unit

The Client Service Unit is one of the Units under the Central Administration Department at the MMDA (including sub-district structures) and RCC levels. The Client Service Unit also exists under the Administration Directorate of the OHLGS

A world class client service management system.

To manage clients' needs and expectations in a timely and effective manner to drive positive image and client satisfaction for the Service.

Specific Objective for the Establishment of the Client Service Unit​

To ensure effective management of client’s needs and expectations as well as the promotion of the image of the LGS institution in line with best practices and national standards.

Functions Related to the Client Service Unit

  • Receive all clients/visitors to the institution
  • Receive, document and sort out complaints, enquiries and feedback from clients and stakeholders 
  • Answer all phone calls and redirect calls to appropriate offices or sections where necessary 
  • Forward complaints, enquiries and feedback received to the administrative head, appropriate Office/Department/Directorate/Unit for necessary action 
  • Direct clients/visitors to the appropriate Office/Department/Directorate/Unit 
  • Follow up, collate feedback or updates on complaints, enquiries and requests for communication to clients and for management decision making
  • Implement systems and procedures for managing complaints, enquiries and feedback in line with this manual
  • Expedite action on the needs and expectations of persons living with disability (PLWDs), the aged and other vulnerable groups. 
  • Supervise and coordinate the operations of all satellite CSUs

Specific Responsibilities of the Client Service Unit

  • Assist in the preparation of Annual Departmental plan and budget
  • Prepare and submit monthly, quarterly and annual reports
  • Supervise the timely processing of all complaints and enquiries received, documented and collated for redress 
  • Supervise the monitoring and control system to ensure the effective management of complaints and enquires 
  • Ensure that all action officers receive complaints and enquiries for necessary action
  • Ensure that feedback on all complaints and enquiries at each stage of the complaint and enquiries management cycle are communicated to clients timeously
  • Ensure that complaints and enquiries received and documented are kept under safe and appropriate condition  
  • Ensure that client experience is taken in the form of feedback from all clients
  • Ensure that the operations of all satellite CSUs are coordinated and managed in line with this manual

Client Service Charter

Download and Read the Client Service Charter that sets the tone for the services rendered in the Mfantseman Municipal Assembly.


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